Active Soul is a soul item that grants the user an active ability with cooldown. This ability can be used by clicking on the item or pressing the corresponding number for the item slot on the keyboard. Each player can carry up to two active souls. While passive souls can occupy an active soul's spot, the active souls cannot inhabit a passive slot. There are currently not enough active souls to fill all active slots of a full group, so having one active and three passive, or even four passive, is nothing unusual.

Each active soul is better suited to one or two classes but there are no restriction on the items like the Impossible Bosses WC3.

Active Souls List (notation of x / xx / xxx refers to having rank1 / rank2 / rank3 of the soul):

Name Description
Alchemist Soul [Alchemist Soul] Restores 10/20/30 life and 0.2/0.3/0.4 mana per second. On use restores 30/35/40 life and mana.
Elusive Soul [Elusive Soul] Significantly increase move speed of yourself or an ally for 3s. Has a 60/45/30s cooldown.
Eternal Soul [Eternal Soul] Sacrifice 50% life to create a divine wisp that will revive an ally after 4s with 50% life. Has a limit of 1/2/3 use(s) per boss fight.
Nayru's Love [Nayru's Love] Protect yourself or an ally, reducing all damage taken by 80% for 8 seconds. Has a 80/65/50 seconds cooldown. Can be used without interrupting an ability cast.
Pandemonium's Void [Pandemonium's Void] Create a high damage void at target location that will deal 750/1125/1500 damage over 4s. The void can hurt allies as well! Can only be used once per bossfight.
Resourceful Soul [Resourceful Soul] Increase the rate your non-damage dealing abilities cooldown by 100/150/200% for 10 seconds.
Saint's Soul [Saint's Soul] Sacrifice your life to revive all fallen allies with 20/60/100% health. Has a 4s cast time. Can only be used once per bossfight.
Selia's Will [Selia's Will] Unleash an ice lance, dealing 100/150/200 magic damage to enemies in a line. Enemies hit will be slowed by 40/50/60% for 5 seconds. This ability has a 60 second cooldown.
Sinner's Soul [Sinner's Soul] Summon a shadow that has a high priority to be targeted by boss ability casts and attacks. When the shadow dies, it will deal 150 damage to enemies in a large area. Lasts 6.5 seconds and has a 60/50/40s cooldown.

(All souls are updated for patch 4.8)Edit
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