Ancient Spirit
Hit point

Easy: 16800
Normal: 20400
Hard: 26400
Impossible: 28800




Any difficulty

Attack type

Melee punch

Attack damage




"Show me your strength."

  1. 100%: life orbs progressively appear around Ancient, once there are 4 he will cast REJUVENATE.
  2. 60%: the spirit often appears to use a random ability between OMEGACRUSH, SPIRITBIND, WRATH, FLOURISH that can't be countered then do some basic attacks.
  3. 30%: ends weakened and REJUVENATE, the spirit only attempts SPIRITMERGE.

Trees often spawn by packs of 3 around Ancient and have 75 life. Ancient links nearby trees to gain 1.5% to 6% energy/second for each of them depending on how close they are. Rarely a tree links itself and gives Ancient 4% energy/second no matter where he is.

Spore deals 1000 damage over 6 seconds and 20% slow.


Basic attack punches an area for 500 damage. [Hard+: 200 extra damage per linked tree]


Pulls a hero and others nearby in front of him and next basic attack deals 400 extra damage. Often used if no hero is in melee range.


Shoots a blast that impacts a large area for 1000 damage and 4 seconds bind. [Hard+: apply Spore after bind expires]


Counter (1s cast)

Conjures a fairy to chase a hero far from Ancient for 5 seconds that can be juked, if it touches the hero it explodes in an area for 1500 damage.


Spreads 4 orbs that impact areas for 750 damage then 3250 growing damage over 2 seconds.


Counter (1.5s cast)

Summons 6 trees and causes many toxic spores to impact random spots applying Spore.


Counter (1s cast)

Ancient grows giant for 3.5 [Normal+: 4] seconds, moves faster, basic attacks are larger and deal 100 extra damage. Touching him as he moves deals 250 damage, knockback and 4 seconds bind. [Hard+: apply Spore after bind expires]


Channel pulses in front of Ancient for 4500 damage over 3 seconds and heavy slow.


Counter (1.25s cast)

Locks onto a hero before emitting 3 beams for 5 seconds that deal 1000 [Hard+ 2000] damage/second, 50% slow and push Ancient back.


Counter (2s cast)

Causes a global shockwave that deals between 250, 500 and 750 damage depending on distance and 4 seconds bind, next basic attack deals 400 extra damage. [Hard+: apply Spore after bind expires]


Teleports nearby, turns invulnerable and begins to channel the 4 life orbs that now have 80 life. After 9 seconds if any orb is still alive they disappear and Ancient heals 1320 health. [Easy: happens more often and always weakens]

Killing the last orb instead weakens Ancient for up to 8 seconds, he is harmless, immobile and takes 300% damage.



Counter (3.5s cast)

Counters make the spirit disappear but he reappears shortly after. Upon completing merges Ancient with his spirit, permanently enhancing him:

  • Basic attacks always deal 400 extra damage.
  • Trees appear more often.
  • WRATH conjures 1 extra fairy targeting a different hero.
  • OMEGACRUSH spreads 2 extra orbs.
  • OMEGABURST cast delay removed.


"Test your might."
  1. Ancient teleports middle and knockbacks nearby heroes and all trees to corners.
  2. Summon 10 spirits from corners and turns each tree into 1 [Normal+: 2] spirit, they have 1 life and try to fuse with Ancient.
  3. Once spirits are gone 4 global shockwaves hit over 3 seconds for 1000 total damage plus 150 [Hard+: 225] per fused spirit.

Strategy: you can only Mystic Guard Mystic Guard 2 out of 4 shockwaves so half damage.

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