Area of effect is a term used in most of the strategy games and it refers to an attack or spell that can effect multiple targets in a specific area.

Types of AOEEdit


Chain area of effect spells start their effect with a single target, but, if there is another valid target within the range of the chain, the effect will jump to that target. This type of ability usually bounces only a limited number of times and cannot hit the same target twice. However, there are exceptions like, Healing Wave Healing Wave.

Some of chain abilities decrease in effect with each bounce. Healing Wave Healing Wave is an example.


With ground-targeted area of effect ("GTAoE") abilities and spells, the player selects a location on the ground as the anchor for the spell's effect. One carefully places this around the targets and clicks to start casting/channeling. All units that are in that area or remain in that area for channeled or persistent GTAoEs suffer the damage and/or effects.



Linear area of effect ("Skillshot") abilities require only a direction from the caster to be used and affect an area contingent on the ability's width and range. This type of AoE is dominated by projectile-based abilities where in the projectile acts as the carrier for the spell's effects, but there are some which do not have these and simply affect the entire area at once as CAoE spells do.


Point BlankEdit

Point Blank area of effect ("PBAoE") spells are cast or used without having to target someone or something; the caster is the anchor for the spell. The effect/damage radiates outward from the caster up to a given range, affecting all targets, or the first given number of targets, within the radius.



Some abilities include more than one type of AoE. This is where the "Hybrid" classification comes to play.

Some example:

  • Taunt Taunt is a point-blank ground targeting spell.
  • Scorched Path Scorched Path is a linear point blank spell.
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