Item is an object or an artifact that give champions temporary or permanent boost in one or another way. Each player can carry maximum of 7 items at a time, so choosing the right items is an important part of the game. All items are only available for purchase during the resting period between two bosses in the shop. Items are unsellable and unmoveable so make sure you pay close attention to what and when you buy. Each time you buy a new items it will either stack on its own kind, if it's a potion, or it will be placed in a new slot starting from the left to right.


Items can be classified into 5 different categories: Potions, Enchants, Scrolls, Passive Souls and Active Souls. All of these items are available in the shop except a few rare scrolls that only appear by chance and depending on your last boss fight's rank. Some of the items disappear after one boss fight and some will disappear after one use.

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