Potions are a series of consumable items that can only be used once. Potions can be found in the shop during the resting period between two bosses.

Each player has only two slot for placing their potions in, but can stack potions of the same kind in the same slot. Of course, there is a cap on how many of the same potion you can carry and some of them come in stacks of two or more.

Available Potions are (mouseover for description):

Name: Take note:
Health Potion [Health Potion]
Mana Potion [Mana Potion]
Arcana Potion [Arcana Potion] This is strong enough for a Nightmare Prison from Athyris. Recommended buy especially for Priest, but may also be worth it for others.
Undying Essence [Undying Essence] You need to activate the potion 30s before your eventual death. Otherwise your rank is not protected.
Phoenix Essence [Phoenix Essence]
Frost Essence [Frost Essence] Regenerates 240 mana in total for your 5g, so better value than a mana pot.

But Frost Essences are limited and you have to buy two at once.

Divine Essence [Divine Essence] Heals up to 3000 HP per 5g, but does so over a long time.

Recommended for always-a-bit-dmg bosses like Rayel or Narthuul.

Infinity Essence [Infinity Essence]
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