Scrolls are one time use items that you can buy in the shop. Each player has only one slot for scrolls and you cannot stack more than one scroll on top of each other. Scrolls are limited in numbers in the shop and the amount is shared among the players.

The chance of a rare scroll dropping is dependent on the rank of the last boss fight:

  • Rank S = 30%
  • Rank A = 20%
  • Rank B = 10%
  • Rank C = 5%

The drop chances for rares accumulate, so after two S ranked victories it would be 60% without Improve Luck [Improve Luck].

Each rare scroll can only be obtained once per run.

Normal Scrolls: Take note:
Replenish [Replenish] Consider instead of Health Potion [Health Potion] since it doesn't disappear if unused.
Divine Gift [Divine Gift] Important for Atomsk on H+ difficulty to ressurrect dead sorcerers.
Chill Soul [Chill Soul] Needs a good understanding of how bosses generate their energy. Can suppress ultimates entirely on Rayel and potentially be really strong together with Fire Mage.
Spirit Fury [Spirit Fury]
Rare Scrolls:
Ultima [Ultima] Inform your team before usage, please.
Omega [Omega] Inform your team before usage or make sure no allies are affected, please.
Divine Illumination [Divine Illumination] If your team has this and/or Saint's you better fckin not brain-afk when you're dead...
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