Vale, Lord of the Depths
Hit point

Easy: 14000
Normal: 16000
Hard: 22000
Impossible: 24000




Any difficulty

Attack type

Melee punch

Attack damage

300 [Hard+: 500] + knockback

Attack type

Ranged water spray

Attack damage

375 [Hard+ : 500]


Immobile (Teleport, Dash)


  1. 100%
  2. 60%: gains TWISTER, gains teleport that leaves a whirlpool behind and steam tells where he reappears and knockbacks 2 seconds later. Elementals often spawn by packs of 3, they have 75 life and after 10 seconds turn into missiles towards random heroes and carry them until 2000 damage wallslam.
  3. 40%: gains TIDALWAVE.
  4. 30%: elementals stop spawning, progressively conjures up to 6 permanent large vortexes near corners that deal 350 damage/second.

Water orbs often spawn in packs of 6 near Vale, they have 1 life and give Vale 4% [Hard+ : 8%] energy each upon fusing with him.

Wallslam happens when a hero gets knockbacked or carried into a wall, deals 1000 damage, 2 seconds stun and gives short knockback immunity.


Melee basic attack punches for 300 [Hard+: 500] damage, heavy knockback and 50% slow for 2 seconds.

Ranged basic attack sprays water in a small area for 375 [Hard+ 500 damage] over .5 seconds.


Spins in place, instantly hits melee for 500 damage + knockback + 1s 50% slow then 1.5s later release 9 waves that carry until wallslam.


Launches an arc of water projectiles that impact for 1200 damage, 2 seconds stun and bounce farther away a 2nd and 3rd time, hits only once.


Counter (.75s cast)

Channels a water beam for 4 seconds that deals 200 damage/second, continuously knockbacks and can slightly rotate.


Conjures a whirlpool below a hero that lasts 6 seconds, deals 880 damage/second, 50% slow and silence. Whirlpools release 9 water missiles when they expire that deal 600 damage.

Avoids targeting the same hero for 30 seconds.


Vale morphs into a wave and moves towards a 1st random hero for 1000 damage on his way and 3000 impact damage, he repeats this faster towards a 2nd then a 3rd hero. Prioritizes heroes far, small homing on great distances.


Counter (5s channel)

Conjures a barrage of water projectiles that impact small areas near heroes and deal from 250 to up to 500 damage, each hit increases damage by 50. Can be taunted. [Normal+: adds 50% slow for 3 seconds]


Counter (3s channel)

Gain 60% energy over the duration.


Spins in place and dashes at high speed for 2 seconds, bouncing on walls. Continuously hits on his way for 750 damage, knockback and 50% slow for 1 second.


Causes a global shockwave at a corner for 350 damage and erupts 5 slow waves that carry heroes until wallslam.


  1. Spins in place and kills elementals.
  2. Carries heroes touching him as he launches in the air and travels a fixed distance. Landing releases heroes, heavily knockbacks and emits a circle of water missiles spiraling outwards that deal 600 damage.
  3. Submerges to emerge on a hero 2 seconds later then repeat 2.
  4. Repeats 3.
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